There’s one question that seems to be on everyone’s mind: “Who invited Donald Trump?”

The answer is you.

I know it’s probably not what you wanted to hear — especially if you found this article in hopes of adding more fuel to your fire. Regardless of the reason, the fact remains the same: Americans wanted an honest politician — they got one.

Disclaimer: This article was written from a non biased perspective.

So why is it that politicians lie to us?

Could it be for their own personal gain? Or could it be that they’re hiding more sinister intentions for the nation and its people? Regardless of their reason, there is one answer that has been consistent over the years and is evident still today – Americans simply can not handle the truth.

To be clear, I do not support the idea of lying to voters. There is no excuse for intentionally misleading people in to a false sense of hope or expectations. 

Take Donald Trump, for example, the man with no filter. He has single-handedly offended an entire nation with his “brutally honest” style of campaigning – making him a primary target for scrutiny by the main-stream media and reporters everywhere. The fact that he has shown no intentions of lying to the public seems to hold no merit whatsoever. It’s an interesting plot twist that reveals a deeper, more disturbing, issue.

The idea of living in a nation full of mindless zombies – yes, the walking dead! – is a scary thought. Unfortunately, the zombie apocalypse is upon on us, but not in the cool “grab your guns and swords and find a rooftop” kind of way. So what is this ‘deeper issue, more disturbing’ issue? It’s simple: Americans have lost the ability to think for themselves and have become void of all reason and logic. It’s a “high school” mentality that proves just how shallow and mindless we really are. Rather than applauding a politician for his honesty – a trait we rarely see in this profession – we single him out, making him to be a “low-life” scumbag who deserves nothing less than the gallows.

“The others may be liars but we don’t agree with his honesty, so why should it even matter?”

It’s obvious that you’re not going to vote for someone whom you don’t agree with – and I’m not here to sway your vote. The point is to make you aware of the game being played. Our freedom has a timeline that is quickly approaching an end and the decisions we make from here on out will determine what’s in store for us and the future generations of this nation.

Why do they think we’re idiots?

For a moment, imagine yourself as a parent – knowing your child might hurt himself, you’ve placed a pair of scissors on the table, barely out of reach.  In the childs eyes, all he sees is a shiny new toy that you’re keeping from him, and doesn’t know why. Finally, you give in to his persistence – sure enough, the kid loses an eye. Moral of the story: There’s a group of “adults” who run this nation of children believing that they know whats good for us. In their eyes, we’re far too illogical -and dumb- to understand the reasoning behind the moves they make. As a result, we are continuously fed false information and half-truths to keep us calm and relaxed because a nation informed, is a nation to fear. Do you remember being told, as a child, to “go and play” because “the grown ups are talking”? Well, that’s essentially what’s happening. As long as we, as a nation, continue to react irrationally to the issues at hand, we further their belief that ignorance, FOR THE PEOPLE, is bliss.

The solution and a conclusion:

For years, we’ve wanted the truth out of these guys – thought we knew what was good for us. We had our big-boy pants on and everything. Then finally, we get what we want and “ouch”, we got a boo-boo from the scissors of truth. America is proving to its leaders that it rather live in LandO’Lies, where we are told what we want to hear, not what we need to hear. And as long as those candidates pretend to be something other than the the racist, money laundering, story tellers that we know them to be, they will always have our vote. It’s pathetic – the way we complain. Each day we find something new to focus our attention on. We distract ourselves to avoid being uncomfortable. Change requires effort and effort means work. And lets face it, most of us are so accustomed to settling for whatever comes along, that we’ve lost our drive to fight and our ability to question.

Unfortunately, it takes more than a few likes and shares to end ignorance, but it’s one place to start. It’s a difficult and ongoing battle for which we (mostly) have the biased media to blame. So before I end this, let me ask you this: Is the outrage you feel on these issues truly your own? Is it based on moral principle and the overall good for our country? Or has it been programmed in to you by bias news stories and one-sided social media advertising to fit an agenda causing you to remain blind to what’s really important?

America doesn’t need another biased news story on a politician that speaks his mind, America needs truth – before the lies that we’ve come to accept become a reality we wish we had.

Donald Trump may not be the answer, but he is definitely not the problem.

Hopefully this article helps someone-somewhere. If it speaks to you, please share. It’s time to give the people some coffee so they can wake up.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Politician You Don’t Remember Asking For

  1. Great post, provided some pretty untouched perspectives on the whole Trump fiasco. Thanks for posting, keep it up!


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