Warning: This article contains foul language and sarcastic remarks; and is strongly opinionated…

So, in my recent time off from blogging, I decided to get a job (yes, its supposed to be a joke. Ha Ha).

Yeah, I did the whole craigslist thing, knowing damn well what I was getting myself in to. That being said, I have no legitimate excuse, as to why I’m feeling like complete crap right now. But hey, I’m an emotional guy I guess. Anyways, I digress.

I begged my wife to let me choose a job in a field I would be more comfortable in (i.e web design, programming, computer anything), but she insisted in restaurants because: “We have a baby…we need extra income” and “…it’s something you know how to do.” Instead of giving her shit for it, I looked in the restaurant sections of craigslist aka “the dark-side of craigslist”. I have years of experience behind a bar and on the floor as a server so, *sniff* why the hell not?

I sent in my resume in response to an ad that peaked my interest. The ad was for friendly and motivated “Beertenders” & “Servers” (And no, that is not a typo). The Filling Station and Garage Bar (Oakland Park Fl. Originally from Miami), is a family /college douchebag friendly, bar and grill, that only serves beer for alcohol and amazing food if you wanted to eat. The thing that made it unique was the fact that they served ONLY craft beers.

That’s right! If you’re a pretentious know-it-all savant of beers, then this place is your MECCA! No budweiser, budlight, heinies, corona, PBR’s, well, you get the picture. And remember not to offer your “NOOB” opinion on any of the beers you drink, because I’m almost certain the condescending, know-it-all, ‘Beertender’, will mock you as she snickers to herself, giving you dirty looks for not know the difference between an IPA and an Imperial IPA; Or a lager and a Pilsner.



If you’ve dedicated your years to learning answers to pointless questions like “who was the first person to bring beer to the white house?” or “How many pineapples did this douchebag grill in his backyard to infiuse the unique taste of…” (AGAIN, i think you get the picture) then I’m sorry, er not so sorry, to say that you, oh great and powerful beertender, are the reason why this country is going to shit. But hey! You have finally reached beervana (I’m branding that btw), and you are more righteous, and knowing, than us little people.

Lord Buddha attains Nirvana
Attaining Beervana

Im stealing a line from good ol’ Max Bemis when I say that people like you have ‘the same superiority complex shared by the high school jocks who made your life a living hell’

(check out full lyrics here: Say Anything – Admit It Lyrics | MetroLyrics).

Now, before I continue, this article is in NO way to ‘bash’ The Filling Station and Garage Bar (of Oakland Park Florida). It is to simply provide an opinion based on my very short experience working there. The truth is, I would love to go in and eat there. The food looks and tastes amazing! But it isn’t the food that is motivating and driving me to write this article. It’s the staff. And when I say staff, I’m pointing my hypothetical laser-pointer at one person. She knows who she is.
Well, before the initial opening, myself along with many others, came together and helped the owner get everything together so that he could open as soon as possible. We all had a hand in setting the restaurant up, but because of one persons extensive knowledge in craft beer, the focus became about her needs and hers only. Let me be clear, these rantings are not from a “jealous” coworker,–  this is coming from someone who seemed to be more aware than the others. I recognize bullshit when I see it, and hers can be seen for miles. The first problem I had with her, was when a fellow employee asked to have a beer. Now, we weren’t opened yet and there were others drinking all over the restaurant. So, i took the initiative upon myself to ask on her behalf because, she didn’t want to say anything, I guess she was still a little shy. But, it went well, and the beertender (whom we’ll refer to as Vicky), followed us to the bar to pour her a cold one. But, before she could pour, someone came and snagged Vickies attention. Despite my multiple attempts at shifting her attention back towards us, Vicky continued walking and talking and completely ignoring us. So, I did what any gentleman in my position would have done; I poured the young lady a drink.
Not only did I just pour a beer, but I signed a bill which bans all U.S citizens from breathing. Well, atleast thats what it felt like. Vickie, with a look of fire in her eyes, sprinted towards me like a maniac, and snatched a cup from my hand. With a mighty amazonian war cry she yelled “Don’t you ever fucking step behind my fucking bar again, or I’ll cut your fucking hand off!” Yes. I am not exaggerating this, she literally said that to me. Um, we’re not even open… Everyone is there to do their beer tasting and help out. Nobody even knew of anybodys position there, or if Icky Vicky even had any type of authority. So, needless to say, it was all a little confusing at the moment, but I responded very calmly by saying: “First off, don’t you ever speak to me that way again. I don’t know who you think you are but you have no right to talk to another person that way. It doesn’t matter who it is. So, don’t say another word to me until you’ve apologized for the way you’ve just treated me in front of my coworkers. Until then, we’re done, period.” Exit stage left.
What kind of person treats another person like that, for no good reason? I’ll tell you what type of person does that; A person who’s trying to make a power play. She wants to make a point and found the perfect moment to make an example out of someone and that unfortunate person happened to be me. The thing she really wasn’t accounting for was the fact that wasn’t justified in any way for her outrage, thus making her look like a complete idiot and bitch in the end.
In conclusion, I would say to give The Filling Station and Garage Bar a visit the next time you’re in the Ft. Lauderdale area, but I would NEVER recommend a place who employs individuals who have no moral compass. Individuals who feel no shame in making others feel like less than human. This beertender will smile to your face but I wouldn’t recommend turning your back (unless you like sharp pointy objects lodged in your spine).
I was terminated due to the fact that I didn’t open my mouth about this little “incident” sooner. Icky Vicky actually told the owner I was trying to steal beer and that I refused to learn the menu items because “it was stupid”. PFFT And nothing I said mattered. TISK TISK. I guess her extensive beer knowledge is more important than a loyal happy crew.
This is why I find it hard to trust anyone nowadays. Anyways, I’m done ranting, enjoy your days everyone.
I hope you were hungry Filling Station, you got fed 😉

16 thoughts on “Why I hate people; The Filling Station Fiasco

  1. Amazing article! And very entertaining! I feel bad for that bartender ha! or not lol. Hope theres more of these to come I love reading your posts.


    1. oh and the next time you all attack this blog, use different ip addresses. It makes it look like youre all in the same room doing this…. oh wait. You are in the same room doing this. So sad. And i was told to get a life?


    1. doesnt pertain to the restaurant and my experience there? really? im guessing you didnt read either. thats ok! go to opinionfeed.wordpress.com and click on the most recent article. then scroll to the bottom and read the disclaimer. Then, go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and let your opinion die there with you. Because like my ex “boss’ once said, in my “email of termination”: THIS IS MY WORLD I MAKE THE DECISION.


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