Why I hate people; The Filling Station Fiasco

Why I hate people; The Filling Station Fiasco

Warning: This article contains foul language and sarcastic remarks;¬†and is strongly opinionated…

So, in my recent time off from blogging, I decided to get a job (yes, its supposed to be a joke. Ha Ha).

Yeah, I did the whole craigslist thing, knowing damn well what I was getting myself in to. That being said, I have no legitimate excuse, as to why I’m feeling like complete crap right now. But hey, I’m an emotional guy I guess. Anyways, I digress.

I begged my wife to let me choose a job in a field I would be more comfortable in (i.e web design, programming, computer anything), but she insisted in restaurants because: “We have a baby…we need extra income” and “…it’s something you know how to do.” Instead of giving her shit for it, I looked in the restaurant sections of craigslist aka “the dark-side of craigslist”. I have years of experience behind a bar and on the floor as a server so, *sniff* why the hell not?

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